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User Stake Amount Multiplier Win Amount Result
rvdx370.00000001 BTC2.000.00000000 BTCLose
Simple.HITCHER0.00000010 BTC2.000.00000020 BTCWin
Simple.HITCHER0.00000128 BTC2.000.00000256 BTCWin
Simple.HITCHER0.00000064 BTC2.000.00000000 BTCLose
Simple.HITCHER0.00000032 BTC2.000.00000000 BTCLose
Simple.HITCHER0.00000512 BTC2.000.00001024 BTCWin

Weekly withdrawals

User date Amount Address Status
eugine2019-01-21 16:38:370.000150103KtY76341HPNMMmGBbiuZsqcvpeUhN7wvZPending
rvdx372019-01-21 02:37:170.000170021EJq79HQjdDoaXexQbuBKPLjqxTDcJ2fXTPaid
lea9652019-01-20 21:02:210.0001501732EaMs8TKwKDXwNh48N5EDMxwpPTJRzxiqPaid
Genchik2019-01-18 15:18:580.000150061Q7z7mXJuQp3pU8h4vpMSYRAiy5Kh4Kg5bPaid
Alexander2019-01-18 03:47:330.000150031KcQ1Cj8N8NJ62ubQWaebHQtV11hAM8ha4Paid
laczek692019-01-17 14:07:500.0001501212mwN57wDKqXMswSHCBCfnxSJ7dqpBUZEvPaid
thevuonghau19872019-01-17 02:18:390.000150181FA1bG55yx8rLeL2xVvHMtEimZruqSLggnPaid
Nick2019-01-15 21:04:060.0001950316yVWP2rbzmi9RZb5sZd6HBoFxbypRDRgYRejected
Alex552019-01-15 16:25:410.0001620718K6aTUPTfkxEohkuwHVsMkhnHgZRM6phdPaid
bomj20142019-01-14 12:44:140.000150231D8mUUePWe6Tsi1fwJkfa9u3E5NZxEmjh6Paid
anbitum2019-01-13 01:41:490.000555631ECHebRfRAPuAY8aWMJ3ibUUGuWpU3dB7GPaid
alekc7let2019-01-12 12:17:550.0001500313SwnauZMsAuf6222Lb14f8rGp14PAJfn9Paid
jurii2019-01-11 15:47:360.000217571Echpc3KC3DXAaRFM2LFSdBC8F1F1RtkPVPaid
criptonator2019-01-11 05:32:310.00015006124mnf2EeDmwzJw81twbdAXhs9XHP15ZACRejected
ashkan19862019-01-10 21:50:050.0003002918PkLPYTKY1nH6eRwxnHeMe2UHCBS92R2cPaid
TOTA762019-01-09 20:53:580.000160271LFpiGkww8PugwsE8mVw89n4WEbK7uMeKKPaid
elbusta312019-01-08 11:47:140.0002514736qxTQ7GTVvcuqcNPbxa9euEkeeVqPK2B5Paid
cihat602019-01-07 22:36:450.000150181Na1xKwq4C8eeVQz5a67Qy9VEbg2uEp6oyPaid
alex10002019-01-07 20:54:200.000150063LPkabn3Tivn8FiFBTi3jE2dYWa56UE53WPaid
bsupachai2019-01-07 13:56:580.000150463BMEXMhSbxbY4xeMYXPJ6q6PWekLwm2qNBPaid


A bitcoin faucet is a website that is giving away free bitcoins to its registered users. To be able to claim all you have to do is to sign up on the website, solve a captcha and get free bitcoins.
There are various bitcoin faucets out there, each with its own rules, though normally they are websites where you have to create your own account and then complete a small task to receive free bitcoins. Normally the task is to solve a captcha, which would prove you are not a bot. Usually you can’t do that too quickly, as bitcoin faucets have timers, which means you can only get free bitcoins once or a number of times during some specific period of time, e.g. 10 minutes.
The main differences between free bitcoin faucets are:
  • Prize amount. Some pay more, others pay less per task.
  • Tasks. Some pay for solving a captcha, others pay for solving quizzes, watching ads, surfing websites, etc.
  • Withdrawal threshold. Some faucets have higher threshold (which means you have to solve more captchas prior to your withdrawal), others set a lower threshold, or even no limits.
  • Payout frequency. Some free bitcoin faucets payout once per week, others pay once per day or even on-demand.
  • Payout direction. There are some bitcoin faucets that pay out the money only to specific types of bitcoin wallets. Othe bitcoin faucets will process your payout to any valid bitcoin address in the world.
  • Services. Some bitcoin faucets are just a page with a timer and a captcha, others have built lots of services around them, like games, lotteries and other opportunities to earn even more free bitcoins.
Also please check the reviews about your desired bitcoin faucet before you decide to start making money there. Bitcoin faucets often shut really quickly without paying the money to their users.
A bitcoin faucet can become a fun and easy way to make some beer money. Also if you’re a site owner, you may send traffic to a bitcoin faucet and make some extra affiliate profits, as most of the websites of this kind run their own affiliate programs.
bitco-ad is a funny character we’ve created for you to make the process of getting free money from us more fun. bitco-ad is an ordinary superhero who really loves Bitcoins.
We only accept new accounts with valid email addresses and the first step after your successful registration will be an email confirmation. We need your email for 2 main reasons: 1) we’ll send you various confirmation messages; 2) we’d like to communicate with you: we’ll send occasional info about your progress, our new features and some more fun stuff.
Yes. We’re using SSL certificates in each of our services to make sure the data is transferred securely between your browser and bitco-ad. What we also do is require an email confirmation if you login from a new place or create a withdrawal request.
For the moment, no. We’re thinking about adding Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, but for the moment our website only works with bitcoins.
The amount of free satoshi you’ll get is random here. You’ll get from 1 satoshi to 100,000 satoshi completely free. Just solve the captchas and see where it gets! You can solve 3 captchas every 10 minutes, which means a lot of chances to win the highest 100,000 satoshi prize!
We’ve got a 30,000 satoshi withdrawal threshold currently, which means once you have collected 30,000 satoshi, you may create your withdrawal request whenever you want.
In our faucets we are eager to provide users with best offers and payout rates on the market. In order to keep our business profitable we constantly work to protect our faucets from bots, spammers and cheaters. Our bitcoin faucet is made for real users only and any attempt to use scripts, bots, hacker attacks, etc will be banned. We have internal algorithms that determine suspicious activities that we do not disclose.
The withdrawal requests are processed once per day at 12:00 UTC time. You’ll see your transaction become “Completed” in the withdrawal history.
bitco-ad covers all the transaction fees for you. You will receive the whole amount you’ve made in our website.
We have a Games section with two games available now. We also have a partners section with links to trusted places to get free bitcoins and spend them well.
Yes, we have an affiliate program which pays a lifetime 25% commission from the money your users have made. Just copy your affiliate link and paste it to your bitcoin-related website, or a forum signature, or even a Youtube video, to make money!
If you have any questions, you can contact our support by emailing us. BEFORE contacting support please make sure that your request meets following requirements:
  • You have read the Help section and did not find an answer there
  • Request is written in English and does not have abusing words
  • You have described your problem properly and attached all needed details
GOOD EXAMPLE: Hey, i’ve requested a withdrawal at [DATE&TIME] to my address [WALLET]. I can see it is in Manual status for more than 3 days. Could you please explain me what else is needed and why it is taking so long to withdraw my bitcoin?
All requests to support that don’t meet requirements will be ignored. It is solely your responsibility to write a proper understandable request. If you think you are ready - don’t hesitate, shoot to [email protected]
Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and one of the world's largest payment systems. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is not regulated in most of the countries and it is decentralized (meaning there's no Central Bank involved). The network is transparent, you may see all the transactions in it, though it's anonymous, so you never know who's made the transaction.
Satoshi is a smallest fraction of a bitcoin. 1 satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC, or 100 000 000 satoshi are equal to 1 bitcoin. This divisibility makes bitcoin suitable for micro-payments or micro transactions, like those used in bitcoin faucets.
Most countries do not count bitcoin illegal, though once again in most countries bitcoin is not legally a mean of payment. Some countries have given an official status of money to bitcoin, others have banned it completely, making it illegal to use, own or trade bitcoins. This regularly updated article will give you a deep understanding of legal status of bitcoin in most of the countries of the world.
There is a number of large bitcoin exchanges, where you can buy bitcoins for fiat currencies from other users, like Kraken, Poloniex, or Bittrex. Please note that you will have to meet KYC requirements in order to be able to trade bitcoins there. Another good idea would be to use a service like Localbitcoins, which is also a safe way to buy or sell bitcoins, based on your location.
The number of places you can spend cryptocurrencies is growing exponentially. Yesterday you could only use them to play in online casinos or pay for questionable services in darknet, though today you can purchase nearly everything using bitcoins. Large companies like Expedia, Microsoft or Gyft already do accept bitcoins. A nice list of places accepting bitcoins is located here:

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